What our clients find

“They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel” – Carl W. Buechner

Hans de Wolff

Toine is someone who is able to help you get over your resistances with his enthusiasm. He doesn´t hide what does and doesn´t approve. He challenges you to try different approaches. To me working with Toine was particularly enjoyable.

Hans de Wolff Directeur Particulieren, Triodos Bank Nederland

Anne Walraven

I came to know Toine as a speaking coach at TEDxDelft. I've seen how he managed to get a presentation from ´good´ to ´outstanding´ with clear and constructive feedback. His coaching was of great value to me, during TEDx talks and later presentation for United Nations. The structure of the presentation as well as the flow of presenting. I highly recommended him to anyone!

Anne Walraven FutureFuel

Rutger de Graaf

As a coach, Toine helped with the preparation of my TEDx talk on floating cities in 2013. His practical tips and experience had a great value to make my story of just 9 minutes clear and appealing. This caused our business to reach new audiences.

Rutger de Graaf DeltaSync

Bennie Mols

In preparation of my TEDxDelft lecture in 2012, Toine coached me with enjoyment and succes. He helped me find the right balance between the content of my story, the emotional load and the appearance. Appearance as in image and body language. This balance has made the lecture a success.

Bennie Mols wetenschapsjournalist, auteur en spreker 

Nienke Bloem

For the Net Promoter Event Toine coached me how to present in a more TEDx-like manner. Thanks to his coaching my story had a more clear head and tail. I became aware of the importance of silence. All within 2,5 hours. Thank you very much!

Nienke Bloem Customer Experience Professional

Mileha Soneji

Jet was one of my coaches for the TEDx Delft talk I gave. Under her guidance I saw my talk transform at every stage. From it being a talk just about my Uncle to the big idea. It was great how she helped me string the topics and make my talk flow in the form of a story. She was someone I went to if I had any troubles and she was always there with a great comforting smile, that said "ït will all be fine".

Mileha Soneji
Winner TEDxDelft Award 2015
Speaker TEDxDelft 2015

Dr. Shou-En Zhu

I enjoyed the coaching from Jet during the preparation of TEDx talk, which gave me lots of confidence to talk in public. Deliver a attractive speech with ufficient contents from scratch is a very challenging work. Jet has a great talent for helping the speaker to structure the stories and improve the performance in a short period of time. I believe Jet will be your best coach during the journey of preparing a outstanding talk.

Dr. Shou-En Zhu
Speaker TEDxDelft 2015

Wioletta Ruszel

I met Jet during the preparation for my TEDxDelft talk in spring 2015. I didn't have a clear idea of what I want to talk about, how to get a message through in 10 minutes time and how to structure it in order that it people will not fall asleep. We met regularly and she drag a story out of me and helped me throughout the whole process to have a nice story at the end. At the event she calmed me down and it was good to know that she was so supportive.
Jet gave me very valuable tips and ordered my ideas in the brain. It was a great pleasure to work with her, she is a very professional and nice person! Hopefully we meet again in the future!

Wioletta Ruszel
Speaker TEDxDelft Women 2015

Cathelijne Janssen

Jet has coached me in preparation of my TEDx talk in May 2015. I’ve come to know Jet as a driven and positive coach. Continuously giving great tips and feedback on both presentation and content. She is professional and to the point and has besides that a great sense of humor.

Cathelijne Janssen
Speaker TEDxDelft Women 2015

(Nederlands) TEDxDelft-spreker Patrick Rensen over Jet en Toine:

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Patrick Rensen Head Endocrinology Research Laboratory, Leiden University Medical Center

Beatriz Seoana de la Cuesta

It was a real pleasure to be coached by Toine for the TEDx Delft Event 2016. He always provides honest and direct feedback and never loses his enthusiasm. Very passionate about his job, he really cares about providing the best performance.

Beatriz Seoane de la Cuesta