What we do

If you don’t know what you want to achieve in your presentation your audience never will.” – Harvey Diamond

Public speaking: we do it a lot, but most of us don’t like it. And that’s a pity because we all have the skills to talk for groups.

We help you to reveal these skills by coaching and training you with a focus on your storytelling and presentation techniques. We start with constructing your captivating and convincing story.  After that, we practice your presentation. We give you tips & tricks and constructive feedback on your presentation skills. You will be perfectly prepared for your performance and you will enjoy it to the max.

We serve individual performers as well as small groups of co-presenters or team members. Individual clients come from several different companies, public bodies, foundations and private firms. Please check the videos of some of the TEDxDelft performers we coached (on a voluntary basis).

We are stand-by if you need to prepare:

  • your company’s story
  • a presentation at a conference/congress/(research) symposium/strategy day/study day/other event
  • a pitch for your Executive Board/management/assessment committee
  • a TEDx-talk at a TEDx-conference
  • a contribution to a strategic meeting
  • a speech for a special occasion
  • a interactive workshop
  • a job interview

And we will also help you prepare and optimize your visuals, your video or your web  presentation.

So that you will  impress your audience with a flabbergasting performance they will never forget!